What benefits will you gain? 

All in one

Suited to any type of organisation, regardless of size, NetSupport ServiceDesk supports the key areas of ITIL’s best practice framework: Incident, Problem, Change and Service Level management.

Customise to your needs

As every organisation is unique, NetSupport ServiceDesk allows for the customisation of many key features within the solution. From operator functionality to the creation of specific data entry fields, NetSupport ServiceDesk can be tailored to fit seamlessly into your organisation – or can be used straight from the box!

Go one step further with personalised ‘Home’ pages based on each operator’s individual requirements – allowing them to see quickly what issues and priorities are assigned to them.

Boost productivity

The first step to boosting productivity is to reduce the frequency of reported incidents. Educating customers to log into the self-service portal to search for answers before logging a support request could save valuable time. There may be a simple resolution to the issue that the user could apply themselves and continue with their tasks, instead of immediately submitting a ticket and having to wait until an operator can review and resolve it.

If an answer can’t be found, tickets can be submitted easily through the self-service portal and the operators can resolve them quickly with the help of automated tasks, such as ticket creation, email responses, ticket escalation and more. Freeing up the agent’s time means it can be better spent on more important work, and productivity levels for everyone involved increase.

Work smarter, not harder

Create rules or set ticket prioritisation and categorisation manually, helping operators to prioritise their work and manage expectations. For example, an agent may want to handle multiple similar issues together – and for key customers with SLAs/users, the department may want to automatically set ‘high priority’ against their tickets.

For maximum efficiency, auto-assign tickets based on certain criteria to a specific person. Some operators may be more qualified or experienced to deal with particular issues than others.

Operators can add relevant notes to a ticket as well as attach, store and associate files, helping ensure all the information is kept together. This is especially useful for when tickets are reassigned. Operators can also avoid duplicating effort by connecting multiple related incidents.

With a full history of supporting notes attached to each incident and source identifiers (telephone, email and more), plus a structured notes history for each additional entry within the item’s lifecycle, it’s easy for operators to search through old tickets for help with similar issues.

Manage customer satisfaction

The customer-friendly self-service portal allows users to check and review the status of their incident. Ensuring that users are kept in the loop throughout the lifecycle of the ticket helps the department to manage their expectations.

If issues can’t be resolved within the agreed time, NetSupport ServiceDesk makes it easy for an incident to be escalated, either by re-assigning it to a more specialist operator or to a higher authority.

Track and analyse trends

Quickly identify recurring issues or trends in the type of incident being logged and spot potential problems before they emerge. Multiple incidents can be linked and, if needed, assigned to one of the other ITIL processes (e.g. Problem or Change management), ensuring your first-line operators aren’t duplicating their efforts, as well as enabling the investigation of the underlying problem to be left to the appropriate specialist.

Using the flexible reporting options, you can manipulate data to suit your specific needs. On-screen results are provided in a tabular and/or bar and pie chart format – and you can even create your own reports (containing HTML, text and supporting graphs) using the intuitive drag-and-drop custom report designer.

Evidence team success

A range of real-time status reports ensures you have accurate, up-to-the-minute stats to help you gauge the effectiveness of your support: from recording time spent dealing with incidents to how many were closed on time.

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