NetSupport ServiceDesk integrates seamlessly with other NetSupport and third-party network management solutions to provide you with the range of complementary tools you need to provide a complete support offering:

  • Direct integration with NetSupport DNA Asset Management Suite.
  • Direct integration with NetSupport Manager Remote Control.

For example, knowing what hardware and software is installed on your user’s PC will help to reduce call escalation whilst increasing problem resolution. By integrating a third party inventory solution – such as NetSupport DNA – you can use NetSupport ServiceDesk to obtain a full inventory for each of your users’ systems, together with an ongoing history by user for all previous support requests. NetSupport ServiceDesk empowers your helpdesk operators, giving them the information needed to deal with more requests in less time.

Flexible reporting

Information is key to gauge the effectiveness of how support requests are being managed and maintained. NetSupport ServiceDesk offers the means to capture comprehensive statistics and create a wealth of real-time status reports – as well as a custom report designer, ensuring you are fully informed in order to make effective decisions.

The reports dashboard enables you to manipulate data to suit your specific needs. On-screen results are provided in a tabular and/or bar and pie chart format. Multiple reports can be presented side-by-side for easy comparison. This option is backed by a set of common status reports, provided as standard with the product. You can even create your own reports (containing HTML, text and supporting graphs) using the intuitive “drag and drop” custom report designer.

Customisation options

As every organisation is unique, NetSupport ServiceDesk allows for the customisation of many key features within the solution. From operator functionality to the creation of specific data entry fields, NetSupport ServiceDesk can be tailored to fit seamlessly into your organisation.

  • Custom Data Designer allowing for customised data fields.
  • Profiled Operator access and customised functionality.
  • Streamlined creation of a solutions database to aid future help requests.
  • Use the intuitive design tool available to administrators to add custom data items to records.
  • Custom report designer.
  • Personalised “Home” page based on each operator’s individual requirements.
  • Personalised “Exit” pages.
  • Multi-lingual user interface.

Escalations and notifications

  • Send email notifications using fully customisable email templates.
  • Automatic escalation of incident based on customer-specific rules.


Encouraging the improved productivity of the helpdesk is only half the challenge. Educating your users to reduce the frequency of future support requests is equally important. With NetSupport ServiceDesk’s customer-friendly self-service portal, users are able to search for answers before logging a support request and also check and review the status of their incident.